Talks and Workshops


While currently blockchain technology is predominately used as the foundation for various cryptocurrency projects, the potential of this technology is much broader; ranging from applications in the automobile industry, to financial and legal services, the Internet of Things, smart cities, entertainment products and many more. Understanding blockchain technology, its effects and potential, is essential to enabling your organization to make an educated decision about the applicability of blockchain technology for your services, products and strategy. I offer educational programs, talks and workshops on blockchain technology to organizations as well as individuals.

Talks and Keynotes

Thanks to extensive coverage in press and media in recent years, almost everybody has heard of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. However, the overall concepts, the real-world applicability as well as the sociological and economical implications are still blurry for most people. I tailor every single presentation to the audience, approaching it from their point of view or sector.

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The practical applications of blockchains are more limited than some people try to make you believe. However, there are valuable ways in which companies across various industries can benefit from blockchain-based solutions. As part of a custom workshop of 0.5-2 days, I can set the stage, moderate discussions and help you and your team different application fields of blockchain technology from a practical point of view. I will separate theoretical ideas from what makes sense in practice, as there are many bad blockchain use cases out there. Finally, I will guide you through the process of developing your first smart contract application and deploying it to the blockchain.

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