Talks and Presentations


  • The M2X Economy – Concepts for Business Interactions,Transactions and Collaborations Among Autonomous Smart Devices – PhD Thesis Defense, Goettingen, Germany. (Slides)
  • Risk and Threat Modeling NConf 2019, Rostock, Germany.
  • Blockchain Technologie im Supply-Chain-Management NConf 2019, Rostock, Germany.
  • Fixing the Broken System of Scientific Publications – An Alternative Approach – Seminar Talk, University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany.


  • Enabling the Vehicle Economy Using a Blockchain-Based Value Transaction Layer Protocol for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks The 12th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems – MCIS 2018, Corfu, Greece. (Slides)
  • Ensuring Resource Trust and Integrity in Web Browsers using Blockchain TechnologyThe 1st Workshop on Blockchains for Inter-Organizational Collaboration (BIOC’18), Tallinn, Estonia. (Slides)
  • Blockchain-based Crowdfunding NConf 2018, Rostock, Germany
  • Invited Talk: Zwischen Hype und Realität – Anwendung und Zukunft der Blockchain-TechnologieEvening Talks on Cyber Security, Rostock, Germany. (Slides) (Video)


  • Securing the Authcoin Protocol Using Security Risk-oriented PatternsMaster’s Thesis Defense, Goettingen, Germany. (Slides)


  • Dead Letters to Alice – Reachability of E-Mail Addresses in the PGP Web of TrustBaltic Young PhD Conference (BaSoTI 2016), Tallinn, Estonia. (Slides)
  • Authcoin: Validation and Authentication in Decentralized NetworksThe 10th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems – MCIS 2016, Paphos, Cryprus. (Slides)


  • Link Topological Analysis of the PGP Web of TrustBachelor’s Thesis Defense, Rostock, Germany.


  • Exploring Classroom Response Systems in Practical ScenariosBaltic Young PhD Conference (BaSoTI 2014), Riga, Latvia.