Talks and Presentations


Enabling the Vehicle Economy Using a Blockchain-Based Value Transaction Layer Protocol for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks The 12th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems – MCIS 2018, Corfu, Greece.

Ensuring Resource Trust and Integrity in Web Browsers using Blockchain TechnologyThe 1st Workshop on Blockchains for Inter-Organizational Collaboration (BIOC’18), Tallinn, Estonia. (Slides)

Invited Talk: Zwischen Hype und Realität – Anwendung und Zukunft der Blockchain-TechnologieEvening Talks on Cyber Security, Rostock, Germany. (Slides) (Video)



Securing the Authcoin Protocol Using Security Risk-oriented PatternsMaster’s Thesis Defense, Göttingen, Germany. (Slides)



Dead Letters to Alice – Reachability of E-Mail Addresses in the PGP Web of TrustBaltic Young PhD Conference (BaSoTI 2016), Tallinn, Estonia. (Slides)

Authcoin: Validation and Authentication in Decentralized NetworksThe 10th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems – MCIS 2016, Paphos, Cryprus. (Slides)



Link Topological Analysis of the PGP Web of TrustBachelor’s Thesis Defense, Rostock, Germany. (Slides)



Exploring Classroom Response Systems in Practical ScenariosBaltic Young PhD Conference (BaSoTI 2014), Riga, Latvia.