I am involved in several startups and business endeavors.

Chaindrium (CEO and Founder)

Chaindrium provides holistic consultation and research services as well as cutting-edge expertise and insights into recent technological developments. Our experts help your organization to understand newly developed technologies, presenting them from a technical, as well as from an economical and social perspective. This way, we enable your company to utilize the latest technological advancements, help you to incorporate them into your strategy for the future, paving the way for you to lead the technical transformation in your industry.

Website (Chief Scientist)

Chorus is a group of transportation industry specialists, developers and researchers working on Blockchain solutions for the future of transportation. We are focused on the research and development of the Blockchain based peer-to-peer payments protocols and decentralized applications for the driverless vehicles of tomorrow. The goal is to enable vehicles to own themselves and to transact with each other as decentralized autonomous agents utilizing the latest break-through technologies within Blockchain and IoT ecosystems.


CardFlap (Co-Founder)

To be announced soon.